Build the future of global financial markets. Do you want to kickstart your career as an IT developer or Cyber Security Expert?

Do you want to explore your capabilities when working in a complex IT environment and make a contribution from the start? Then apply for the ABN AMRO Clearing IT Talent Programme and immediately get involved in creating value for our clients and solving complex problems. You’ll work together globally to secure safe and transparent financial markets by working on a reliable, future proof IT landscape for our organisation.

Your job

Once you apply you enter a 12-month programme. In the first weeks you will spend time designing your personal programme together with your manager. Depending on your preferences you will be working in Amsterdam, Chicago or Sydney. Besides this personal programme you will be enrolled in the global Clearing Talent Programme training to get to know the business in more detail and work on your personal development. This 4-week training is facilitated by experts, professional trainers and ABN AMRO Clearing managers. As such you automatically become part of an international group of graduates allowing you to build a global network. A great start to your ABN AMRO Clearing career.

As part of the Programme you are offered 3 rotations. You will take full responsibility for your own assignments. You could, for instance be working in a software development team to develop the client interfacing services, develop the competitive risk management application which supports clients to keep a healthy business or hunt software security flaws and abuse cases. You will start working in your ‘home’ country and take assignments in Sydney, Chicago, London, Frankfurt or Amsterdam. You’ll get a chance to experience all aspects of IT, work with multiple software development teams to really understand the business needs. After 12 months, you’ll be ready to start in your well-considered developer role at ABN AMRO Clearing.

Your working environment

At ABN AMRO Clearing we aspire to lead the way to safe and transparent markets. In banking, Clearing denotes all activities from the time a commitment (buy or sell) is made for a transaction until it is settled. Clearing act as an intermediary between clients and the exchanges they trade on. We become the buyer to the seller and seller to the buyer taking over the risk to reconcile orders between the parties in the transaction. We do so for professional traders, investment managers and corporates. We understand them and strive to deliver the same high-quality service across the globe. As clients are highly demanding and the market environment fluctuates you’re guaranteed to learn a lot in a short space of time. Working at ABN AMRO Clearing means thriving in an international, professional yet informal, fast-paced, IT-driven environment.

Your profile

As a future IT Development Engineer or Cyber Security Expert you are excited about tackling the hard problems in technology. Plain software development and innovation is easy, but when you need to take the responsibilities of the financial world into account, securing reliability and innovation is the ultimate challenge.

Who are you: You are highly analytical and eager to translate problems and needs into high quality technological solutions. You are curious by nature. And, you enjoy working in an environment where collaboration is crucial.

In short:

  • Creative mindset and capable of assessing and evaluating risks
  • Knowledge of technology and how this supports business improvements
  • Thinks in terms of what’s possible, sees opportunities and takes a solutions-oriented approach
  • Self-starter who readily assumes responsibility
  • Fast learner
  • The team comes first!

What is your experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree, in Computer Science or related fields, preferably followed by a Master’s degree
  • No more than two years of work experience
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Experience abroad or demonstrated international interest
  • Affinity with the financial sector and markets

What we offer

During the 12 month IT Talent Programme, you'll receive dedication and guidance from your line manager, assignment supervisor, trainers and a mentor. In addition, ABN AMRO Clearing offers you extensive soft and hard skills training that allows you to extend your technical knowledge, deepen your understanding of financial markets and products, and further develop your personal skills. You'll also be working together with your fellow (IT) graduates throughout the programme. 

In the end we would like to offer you the best of both worlds: the responsibilities, challenges and opportunities of a corporate environment and provide you with a progressive context to develop and achieve your potential. Leaving room for touching the bleeding edge.


Interested? Read this carefully! Contact one of us to gain more info or apply via the button below and upload your resume and cover letter.

Selection process
The overall recruitment process includes:

  1. Application with resume & cover letter
  2. Personal introduction from ABN AMRO Clearing peer
  3. Online cognitive and personality test
  4. Interviews in Amsterdam, Chicago or Sydney
  5. A telephone interview can be part of the procedure
  6. Call to discuss job offer, start date & location.

For more information contact us via email IT.Talent@nl.abnamro.com:

  • Rowan Preesman, IT Development Engineer team Data Analytics
  • Jim Wittermans, IT Development Engineer team Client Instructing
  • Rick Lenior, IT Development Engineer team Client Instructing
  • Stan Philpsen, IT Development Engineer team FX
  • Wendy van den Akker, IT Engineering Lead

We look forward to getting to know you!


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